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Deep Drawn Stamping

Deep Drawing is a manufacturing process in which sheet metal is progressively formed into a three-dimensional shape through the mechanical action of a die forming the metal around a punch. The Deep Drawn Stamping process work hardens the metal, resulting in a seamless finished part that is stronger than the base material. Deep drawing can produce precise and intricate parts, including both symmetrical and asymmetrical parts. When the length of a stamped part is equal to or greater than ½ of its diameter it is generally termed as being "Deep Drawn."
Deep Drawn Metal Stamping Materals :Cold Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, HSLA, and others all different materials can be deep drawn.

Deep Drawing Presses
Guangda's deep draw presses range in tonnage capacity from 120 to 315 tons.
Uses three main types of stamping presses:
ICOP(Individually Cam Operated Press)

 - Die - Set Transfer Press

 - Progressive Die Press

Please contact us to know more about the Guangda deep drawn stamping process.